Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 38, or "Under Pressure"

 Warning: any baby posts might involve some unappetizing talk including, but not limited to: my lady parts, peeing, and the word “fetus”. Proceed with caution.

Well, this week was an adventure, to say the least!

We have, thank you JESUS, had a very healthy pregnancy so far. I've been dealing with the SPD, but it doesn't affect the baby, it just slows me down. No gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, scary ultrasounds, strep-B, nothing.

So, this past Wednesday, I noticed that my ankles were swollen up around lunch time, which is odd because they usually don't swell unless I've been on my feet all day, which I hadn't. I'd just taught my regular course load. I have a good stretch of plan time after lunch, so I spent the entire time laying down with my feet up. While I was teaching my last 2 classes, I started to feel hot and just all around gross. Luckily, a nice perk of teaching is the school nurse! So, I high tailed it up there right after the kids dismissed and had her check my blood pressure.


140/90 is considered “high”. I've never been anywhere close to that, let alone 165/101! So, I called my doctor and she said to go straight to Labor and Delivery.

This actually wasn't the first time I'd been to the good 'ole L&D – a few months ago, I woke up to, well, let's just say a “gush” of fluid down yonder. I'm not typically a bed wetter, so I was a little surprised. It happened again and we ended up going to L&D to get checked out. Turns out, I peed myself. Yeah, why am I telling you this?? Overshare much, Becca? Oh well, now all my ladies out there who peed themselves accidentally during pregnancy can know that they're not alone. 
                                                         "Youuuuu are not alone...."

ANYHOW. Long story short, we hung out in L&D for about 4 hours, until my blood pressure went down to a normal rate. We left with instructions to “rest at home as much as possible” (ha!).

The next 3 days at work, I would teach a class or two and then, right on cue, swell up like a blowfish, go check my pressure, find out it was high and go home. This really stressed me out, because I am a planner. I do not like “taking it a day at a time”. I like knowing exactly what's going to happen and when.

The following Tuesday, I went to my OB appointment and told her what had been happening. At first she said, “Well, if it goes up again, you need to call us”. And I was like, “Cool, let's chat in an hour because I'm about to go to work and it will definitely go up.” That's when she told me the good/bad/terrifying news: it was time to stop working. Actually her words were, “If you can manage it, you need to be at home until you deliver.” Um, what? No, I can't “manage” that!! I was supposed to work 4 more days! I had a, pardon my french, SHIT TON to do! (That's a technical term for “quite a lot”)

But, when your doctor calmly explains that every time your blood pressure rises, your poor baby can't get blood or nutrients, you do what you have to do. Not gonna lie, I was in sheer panic mode for that first day. But, after the initial terror, being at home was definitely the right thing to do. My BP has stayed right where it should be.  So now, we wait!


Baby is the size of a(n): A PUMPKIN. I have no words for this stat, only a scared, whimpering sound.

How I'm feeling: Well, after typing the word PUMPKIN, I'm feeling freaking terrified.

New category!!  Fancy Pregnancy Words: Now that we're in the final weeks, let's learn some pregnancy words, shall we? This week's word is “dilation”. Here's a terrifying infographic:
Jesus Christ Superstar.

So, before I can push this baby out, my cervix has to be the size of a breakfast pastry. Oh, also, I'm renaming my cervix “Fort Knox”, as it is locked up tight, according to my OB. No dilation at all. FABULOUS.

How much weight have I gained: 40 pounds. Oops. Also, when I got on the scale at the doctor this week and saw that horrible number come up, I said something to the effect of “Sweet Mary, mother of GOD”, and the nice little nurse said “Oh don't worry, it's mostly baby!” Um, like hell it is! Unless this baby weighs 30 pounds and if she does, we have bigger problems, namely the pending Vaginapocalypse.

Cravings: Nothing new here – keep the lemonade coming! Also, did you know that Monday is free Waffle Bowl day at Froyoz? Not that I've made this a regular thing, but guys: FREE WAFFLE BOWLS.

How Russell's doing: He's done well, considering this week has been crazy. Russell's very budget conscious, so I was worried that he would freak out over me losing 4 more days of paycheck, but he didn't at all. However, he now has to look at me, lying in our comfortable bed, while he gets ready for work, which has to be awful.

Tasks I've had to avoid because I'm pregnant: Pretty much all things this week. I lay on the couch and take my blood pressure. Sometimes I get up and do something crazy like fold laundry. Then I check my blood pressure again and sit back down. Not a lot getting done over here.

Best part of being pregnant this week:  I did actually go in to work a couple times, to rehearse with our Ensemble because they were going to sing in the ETVA Choral Festival this Thursday - talk about bad timing, right? But those girls are superstars and they totally pulled it together, sang beautifully at Festival, and got a "1", which is the highest score you can receive :)

Worst part of being pregnant this week: Definitely the stress associated with not working, yet having to tie up all loose ends via the phone and email.

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