Monday, October 31, 2011

Bloggin' ain't easy.

Okay people, I've picked up on your subtle hints that maybe I should update this thing! :) The "I really enjoyed reading the blog" and "How's the house coming? Haven't seen any new pictures lately..." What can I say, I'm good at starting projects. Finishing, not so much. As you're about to see....

So, the house is going well, despite one major setback: Our heat pump died. The house actually has 2 separate HVAC systems: one for the former "front apartment" and one for the "back apartment". The "front apartment" system is the dead one. The "back apartment" system still works, but only pumps heat out of 2 vents. So we have 2 working vents in the entire house. When I got up on Sunday morning, it was 49 DEGREES in the house. Yeah.

So we've been a bit delayed whilst (like that use of whilst??) getting quotes for a new system. But there have been some major milestones! Like.....

The sink! Our big, beautiful farmhouse sink is in :) And by big, I mean HUGE. This girl is large. And I love her. Also in this picture, check out the cabinet full of Pyrex! For those who don't know, I'm slightly obsessed with vintage Pyrex. I started collecting this past spring and I love it!

Okay, next big change:

The dishwasher! And it works!!! If you've ever lived without one, you know how AMAZING it is to be able to clean up after dinner in, oh, 10 minutes as opposed to 45. LOVE IT.
Also on this side you can see the roman shade. Long story short, I priced out custom made roman shades and was APPALLED. They are crazy expensive. So I'd kinda given up hope. But last weekend was half off weekend at Goodwill. That's right, I'm SO CHEAP, I not only shop the Goodwill, I hit it on the half off weekend. Lo and behold, 2 roman shades were sitting in the back corner of the Oak Ridge goodwill. Now, they're not my favorite fabric, but you know what? They're close. Close enough! And for a total of $5.00 and a couple hours hemming, they'll do the trick until we can save up for "custom shades".

Alright, this is Russell's favorite part of the new kitchen:

The stove :) Russell and our neighbor hooked up the gas line last Saturday (without blowing the house up!) and we had our first "new kitchen" meal last night. Needless to say, Russell's in love. Like, literally, he was giddy with joy.

Here are a few random shots- the hole where the fridge will go (once the floors are finished), the pantries, and a shot from the living room, looking into the kitchen.

And here are some bathroom shots, for those who keep asking what the vanity/sink combo turned out like:

Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll have some sweet pictures of our finished heart pine floors and our.....heat pump? K, maybe no pictures of the heat pump...