Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Etsy Faves

It's been awhile since I've talked about my Etsy shop, so I figured I'd update you! What started as a little side hobby has become.....well, a bigger side hobby. It's still not going to make me quit my day job or anything, but as of today I've made 189 sales :) I really enjoy the shop- especially hunting new pieces to put inside of it!

Here are a few of my favorites from my own shop right now:

First, this fun sheet set named "Vintage remixed full sheet set in vintage flowers". I love putting together sheets sets made up of mismatched sheets and pillowcases. I thrift and estate sale to find the pieces and then wash, dry, and match them up with their long lost relatives. I label it and tie it with a bow, list it and it's ready to go! :) I love this set because it's a good mix of florals- all of the colors coordinate really well without any sticking out. And of course, because they're older, the sheets are soooooo soft!

Second, this pretty mid-century ceramic pot. I picked this up at a thrift store and was drawn to it because it's in great condition, it's mid-century, which I love, and the teal lid is just awesome! I like to use vintage pieces like this in my own home- maybe to store bobby pins or buttons or whatever!

And third, this set of 3 Mason Jars- y'all know I love Mason Jars! Every room in my house has at least one jar. These are actually 3 from my own collection. I love them because they are a perfect robins egg blue. Everything looks pretty in a mason jar. Cotton balls in the plastic wrap? Ew. Cotton balls in a sweet blue mason jar? Niiiiiice.

Here are some favorites from other people's Etsy shops:

This pretty hand painted herringbone mug is from my friend Jenni's shop: "B in your Bonnet". She hand paints mugs and platters with super fun designs! She'll even custom paint your pet (or whatever you want) onto a mug! My friend Elizabeth commissioned her to paint her guinea pig on a mug and it is ADORABLE :)

And this is a gift box / wall art from my friend Bethany's shop, "The Whole Package." Bethany creates handmade gift wrap that doubles as wall art! Isn't that a cool idea?? The lid hangs on the wall! She's also all about custom work, so if you have a great idea, message her- she loves to make your ideas come to life :)

And lastly, will someone please buy me this pillow? It would be the perfect pop of color on my bed :)

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 17, 2012


My least favorite part of email is the subject line. And now my least favorite part of blogging is the post title. The pressure of coming up with something funny that also captures the essence of your blog post is just too much for me! Ah, first world problems, right? :)

So, I'm cleaning last Saturday and notice something strange sticking out of the laundry pile on the bed: 

 Do you see it? A little cat tail :)
Why do cats love clean laundry?

Our guest room is actually clean and clutter free because we hosted Russell's cousin Garner and his sweet son Collin this past weekend. Usually, this bed is covered in my etsy sheets.

 A little DIY artwork for the wall- a map of Tennessee glued to corkboard. Of course, the heart is over K-town!
 Shhh....you don't see how filthy the hearth is! Seriously, it's awful- we'll need to replace those tiles someday.
 I love the light in this room!

This is a fun piece I picked up at an estate sale- you can move the note up and down on the staff with a little string and lever on the back!

More music room-- this is a page from a children's book that I matted and framed in a thrift store frame. The print reads "The Band Learns to Play"

Hallway pictures and chalkboard!

Happy fall, y'all!