Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kitchen sneak peek!

So, um, no big deal, but... THE KITCHEN CABINETS ARE INSTALLED!!!!!!

We're a little excited.

Here's a sneak peek! More to come!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My built-in has a first name....

it's "S-C-A-R-Y!"
So, the waiting game continues over here (cabinets AND stove on the 22 of September! Woot!), so in the meantime, small project numero dos: the family room "built in".

One of the challenges of our old house is that it's been converted to apartments many times over, and in that process, has been stripped of some of its character. Some of the moldings are not original, and if they are, they're painted white. And there are no built ins, which would have been super uncommon for the time period when our house was built. I'm sure, at some point, this house had some awesome built in cabinets or cupboards. But alas,they're gone.

But have you heard the term "fake it til you make it"? Well, that's what we're doing with an old closet in the family room. Basically, it's a closet with no door. Here are a couple of "before" shots. The first is after we'd painted the family room blue (it was yellow). The second is just a perspective shot,from the hallway, through the studs, into the family room, so you can get a feel for where this closet is in the house.

So, I wanted to beef up the "closet" and give it more of a "built in" feel for a couple of reasons. First: it's cooler and more period appropriate that way.
Second: we need a place to put our components for the TV.

Third: good excuse to use the miter saw. I heart mitering.

Okay, so here's how I did it!
Step One: Clean up the old shelves.

This was the scary part, because as you can see, the inside of the closet is black like DEATH. Who the heck knows what's lurking in those corners?? Sidenote: last night, I found a huuuuuuuge spider in our bedroom. That's right, our BEDROOM. Like, where I sleep. Correction: where I used to sleep...

Step Two: Patch holes

Step Three: Add big chunky trim to the front of the shelves.

This not only gives the illusion of big chunky shelves, it will also makes a little lip which will stop future TV paraphanalia from slipping off.

Step Four: Prime EVERYTHING :)

Step Five: Paint the shelves and new-fangled molding a nice semi-gloss white.

I chose to paint the back and side walls of the closet the same color as the family room walls to create a more unified appearance. Dude, that sentence was so "design-y". I'm souding pretty legit right now :)

Step Six: Step back. Admire your product. Maybe play some "I'm Awesome" music, like "Dreamweaver" or "D*mn it feels good to be a gangsta", from OfficeSpace.
I mean, whatevs.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Been thinkin' about my doorbell, when ya gonna ring it?

It's a waiting game over here at McCurdy house. Waiting for cabinets, that is. They're set to ship sometime between the 19th and the 27th (how's that for a wide delivery window?), so until then, we're knocking out some smaller projects. The first: the doorbell.

(from the outside)

(from the inside)

Our front door has a potentially AWESOME doorbell. It's a "twist" doorbell, with a key that goes through a hole in the middle of the door and turns some dials on the other side, creating a super retro "brrrrrrrrrrring!". Except that there's no key. It's been missing since day 1.

And I've looked allllll over these here interwebs to no avail. It seemed there was only one option: buy a new doorbell. This saddened my little restoration loving heart, because again, we didn't buy this place to take out original stuff and replace it with new. But, it was the only option that ended in a satisfying "brrrrrrrrring!", so.....sold.

I ordered this doorbell: The "Woodworth Twist" from Signature Hardware. It arrived yesterday and at 10 pm, I was outside, hammering and drilling this baby on. The end result could not be captured in pictures, so here it is: our video debut. Yikes.

Mother of pearl, I sound like a chipmunk. I'd like to apologize to anyone who's ever had to hear me speak for long periods of time, like....every student I've ever taught. Holy cow.

Well, hopefully you got the gist there, despite my nasal drone. New doorbell = awesome. Oh, and the cats are TERRIFIED of it, so..... double awesome.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 updates in 2 days??

This can't be possible, right?? Well, this update doesn't really count, because it's going to be mostly pictures. I realized our blog was created to keep our friends and family updated on the house progress, but there really aren't that many house pictures. So, this post will be looooooooots of 'em :) Starting with "before" pictures.

Next we have some "during" shots

And I can't call these "after" shots, because that implies some finality that just doesn't exist, so let's call 'em "during....but later" shots:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bloggin' ain't easy

So, as keeping with the theme of this blog, I suck at updating. Lately, something has been really eating away at my time. Oh right, it's my job: teaching. All that time to blog in the summer is now replaced with all things music education. :)

Well, we have big news at the McCurdy house. Drum roll please..........

I am wearing clean clothing.

Okay, so this might not qualify as "big news" to you, but if you've been spraying your shirts with Downy Wrinkle Release and calling that good enough for 6 WEEKS, you'd be excited too. Okay, before you get all judgey on me, we've done a few loads here and there (Picture us, walking into a friends house for game night--- "Hey guys, great to see ya! Hey, while we're playing Yahtzee, think I could stick my delicates in your washer? Super.") Yeah. That happened.

Okay, so to review, here is our former laundry "room" (re: laundry "bottom of the staircase area")

Here it is "mid construction"

And here it is today!

Russell and I tiled the slate floors ourselves (sorry for the craptastic picture). Eventually there will be doors to hide the washer and dryer, which we will cover in wood paneling to create the illusion that this is all part of the staircase. In my head, it's gorgeaus. Fingers crossed it's the same in person!

Okay, here's the other awesome "before and after": the downstairs bathroom. Here's "before" (when it was the front staircase)

Here's during, when it was first a big hole in the 2nd floor and then nothing but studs.

And here's today!

Okay, I know: that's just a toilet. But that's essentially all it is today. Tomorrow, we hope to get the sink and vanity in, but for today, this is pretty big news.

So, I will try my darnedest to blog again soon. Especially since I haven't even told you about the floors, or the newel post, or the light fixtures.....