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Warning: any baby posts might involve some unappetizing talk including, but not limited to: my lady parts, peeing, and the word “fetus”. Proceed with caution.

Pretty sure that's how the fancy bloggers announce when a project is over: they have THE BIG REVEAL!!! And since, like, 11 people read my blog ('Sup mom!), I consider myself fancy now.

If you'll remember, last time we spoke about the nursery, it was basically 4 painted walls and a re-finished floor. We were waiting on the crib to arrive, searching for a dresser, and having a glider refinished.

Well, all of those things have happened and now Baby McCurdy officially has the nicest room in the house. Here is the “final” result:

My parents bought the crib for us. It's a Jenny Lind crib, from I love it so much :) Originally, I wanted to paint it some crazy color, but when it arrived, the white was so pretty with our newly painted white trim, and I just couldn't do it. The blanket in the picture was made by my super talented Aunt Cindy and I made the bedskirt out of a vintage sheet.

Mom and I took a day trip to IKEA in Atlanta to pick up the Expedit bookcase. I was a little worried it would look too modern in our old house, but in the end its functionality won me over. Russell put it together and anchored it to the wall so our Hulk-Baby can't tip it over. He also ventured in the south Knoxville Walmart to get those bins on the bottom row, which won him BIG points from me. Peeking out of the bottom right corner is this lil lady: 

My friend Jen MADE this amazing stuffed Aardvark! I have the most talented friends. She even has a tutu and is 100000000% cuter than any stuffed Aardvark found on the interwebs.

The dresser came from one of my favorite local antique stores: Nostalgia. I'd actually seen it a few weeks prior, but it was part of a set and out of my price range. On a whim, I stopped in again and ran into the owner of the booth. Turns out, she had bought it for her granddaughters nursery only to find out her grand “daughter” was going to be a boy! So, she stuck it in her booth. I rubbed my belly a lot and looked tired and she sweetly let me buy just this piece! Here's a (crappy) before picture:

We painted the dresser “Ballet Slipper Pink”. It is the only pink furniture in my house and it kinda freaked me out for a minute. I'm just not a very girly-girl and this seemed like the epitome of girly. But once it was done and in the room, I LOVE IT :) We also replaced the french provincial drawer pulls with some shiny brass library card catalog pulls.

And lastly, the glider and ottoman were a thrift store find 2 full years before we even attempted to get pregnant. What can I say, I see a deal, I take advantage. They were $30, which is a total steal. They were also the color of Barney the dinosaur. Here's the before:
Complete with stains.
After much hemming and hawing, I decided to have them recovered in a bright apple green with piping made from our curtain fabric. The upholstery was done by Knox Upholstery, whom I highly recommend – quick turnover, fair pricing, and fabulous work! The side table was a Craigslist find which Russell drove all the way to Morristown to pick up.

And here are just a couple more gratuitous nursery shots

You will never guess what's in this drawer.

A roaring fire, PSYCH! It's a felt board :) The artwork above the fireplace came from a yard sale
Walmart owl lamp, sprayed blue

Soooo many little girl clothes

So, the nursery is officially done! All it needs is a baby!


Baby is the size of a(n): head of cabbage. This stat gets worse and worse every week.

How I'm feeling: Pretty good. Decorating the nursery is definitely a perk of pregnancy :)

How much weight have I gained: 30 pounds. Remind me why I put this stat on here?

Cravings: I'm on a real citrus kick lately – especially Lemon Oreos. Oh, sweet Jesus. If you haven't tried them yet, stop reading. Get up. Get your keys. Go to Target. They are AMAZING.

How Russell's doing: These last couple weeks have meant a lot of “assembly” tasks for Russell, which luckily he is very good at! I think it makes him feel more involved, which is sweet.
Look at that focus!
Putting together the crib

Tasks I've had to avoid because I'm pregnant: Well, spray painting the dresser was difficult. I wore a mask, but bending at the waist for a couple hours is not so easy. Also, all of this lovely furniture in the nursery had to be put there by a combination of sweet friends and neighbors :) Thank you!!!

Best part of being pregnant this week: Finally finding the right pieces for the nursery and getting them in place!

Worst part of being pregnant this week: Not being able to help lift things!

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