Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 24 of "All I want for Christmas is to not be kicked in the lady parts"

 *So, in case you've forgotten, these posts come from a journal I began when we found out we were pregnant, so it's a little behind the times. For example, this post, labeled "Week 24" is being posted when I'm actually 33 weeks pregnant. I'm trying to catch up, really, I am. Life keeps happening*

Warning: any baby posts might involve some unappetizing talk including, but not limited to: my lady parts, peeing, and the word “fetus”. Proceed with caution.

Well, kids, there's good news and bad news about feeling your baby move for the first time. The good news is that the soul-crushing fear that there's nothing in your abdomen except bagels is finally put to rest. The bad news is, babies kick in weeeeiiird places. I happen to have an anterior placenta, which the doctor tells me is where the placenta attaches on the anterior (or, the navel side) of your uterus. It's not a big deal, except that it provides a little cushion between Baby Mc and I. So, when I feel her move, it's not right up front, but rather a little, eh, lower. It can be a little surprising to say the least. Generally, you don't expect movement down there. But I'm not complaining – it's a big improvement.

Baby Girl McCurdy (who, by the way, does have a name, but I have to save it for a future post or you'll all bail on me, I know it, and then who will read these ramblings??) had a pretty awesome Christmas this week! Russell's mom came up from Nashville for a visit on Christmas Eve Eve. She brought Baby Mc a big bag of onesies and sleepers as well as a Boppy pillow and some stuffed animals. She also wrote her a very sweet card that we can stick in her baby book. 

Baby bellies are great for holding Christmas cookies.

We spent Christmas day with my parents who continued to prove that buying gifts for baby is WAY more fun than buying gifts for Russell and I :) Just kidding, we love receiving baby gifts. It makes it seem a big more tangible when you hold the teensy onesie up and imagine a baby inside of it. My parents gave her a set of swaddling blankets (JUST LIKE JESUS, AMIRIGHT??), a precious little porcelain bird night light, a “Made in Knoxville” onesie, and of course, the “Aardvark” wooden puzzle.


Baby is the size of a(n): CANTELOUPE. Gulp. Um, guys, canteloupes are PRETTY FREAKING HUGE. As I type this, I can feel my heart rate going up. Also, my legs crossing.

Yikes. Epidural?  I'll take two, thanks.
How I'm feeling: Overall, really good, with one little issue called spd. I will blog about it another time, because it involves words like “pelvic girdle” and “pubic”. Ew. Basically, it makes my hips hurt. A lot.

How much weight have I gained: Why did I put this stat in here in the first place? This is stupid. Whatever, here it is: 22 pounds. Yup. I'm in this pregnancy group on facebook and occassionally some other prego lady posts something like, “Hey peeps!!!! I'm, like, 25 weeks pregnant and I've totes already gained, like, 8 POUNDS!! OMG! Like, how do I totally stop from being such a piggy piggers???” and I want to reach through the screen and smack. a. bitch.

Cravings: You know, I really haven't had too many cravings. They're more of demands. As in, pregnancy is a great reason to demand that Russell make me more cookies. Also, in case you were wondering how I've gained 22 pounds, there's your sign.

How Russell's doing: Super! Russell is pretty much SuperHusband. He even bought the baby a Christmas ornament and some teensy little socks :)

How the nursery is coming along: Well, in a figurative sense, it's going really well. I know what I want, as far as furniture goes. I've contacted the upholsterer who will be re-covering a bargain glider we picked up before we ever got pregnant. I think I found some fabric to make into curtains. All of the baby clothes we've received are clean and hanging in the closet. In the literal sense though, it's, um, literally quite empty. I'm working on it. 

Tasks I've had to avoid because I'm pregnant: Well, the aforementioned spd makes walking super painful. So, Christmas shopping was pretty rough this year. Also, climbing stairs and rolling over in bed are torture. One task I haven't avoided at all: lying on my right side, on the couch. :)

Best part of being pregnant this week: Well, it's our last Christmas sans baby, which is weird but fun too. So, we're trying to soak up every last moment of it being “just the two of us”.

Worst part of being pregnant this week: Constant hip pain. Otherwise, this week was pretty spectacular! :)

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