Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 21, or "It's a......"

Warning: any baby posts might involve some unappetizing talk including, but not limited to: my lady parts, peeing, and the word “fetus”. Proceed with caution.

Well, we had a very exciting doctor's appointment this week!

Russell and I went in to finally find out Aardvark's gender. I was completely sure it was a boy – Russell insists it's a girl. One of us is bound to be right.

When we first got into the ultrasound room, we were pretty nervous. Aardvark was basically upside down in there – feet up by its head, butt down. After a lot of aggressive “ultra-sounding” from the technician, plus some rolling around to shake the baby up, she finally came up with a conclusion. We had her write it down on a notecard and put it in an envelope for us to open later.

I don't know why it's sideways. TECHNOLOGY.

The rest of the day was torture! We were soooooo ready to know if this was a lady Aardvark or a fella. We treated ourselves to a fancy, fondue dinner at The Melting Pot.

Here's my “what's in the envelope???” face

We ordered our meal and even waited for the first course to come before I was like, “we have to open this envelope immediately.”

Here's Russell with the envelope:

Russell let me be the one to open it and here's my reaction:

Can you guess from the picture what the note said? :)


We are over-the-moon excited! I am completely shocked. Russell is SO excited to have a daughter. What can I say? A GIRL!! :) 

We told our parents on Thanksgiving Day – we showed them the ultrasound video. They are, of course, super excited too! Now, off to figure out what baby girls need..... this doesn't mean I have to paint a room in my house PINK, does it??? The only "pink" I own is vintage Pyrex....

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