Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 8 or "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

 **These posts are taken from a journal I started when I found out I was pregnant, but didn't want to publish at that time, as it was a big secret. In real time, as I post this, I'm 21 weeks, so don't let the dates mess with ya**
Warning: any baby posts might involve some unappetizing talk including, but not limited to: my lady parts, peeing, and the word “fetus”. Proceed with caution.

You may have noticed a real lack of “Week 7”. That's because I was asleep for all of it. Well, not the part where I was at work. But all the other parts.

I can't say that I was more awake in Week 8, but my body has at least settled into a routine: I wake up fine, go through most of the work day fine (occasionally I want to crash after lunch, but it's manageable). It's when I get home that I can't keep my eyes open. From 4:30-6:30, I am a zombie. So sorry to any scheduled events during that time that I have totally flaked on in the last few weeks!
Two exciting things happened this week: I told Bethany, the girl I co-teach with. I had to tell her – we work together, like in the same room, 8 hours a day. And have for a decade. So, she knows me pretty well and she knows when somethings up. I knew she was on to me and there was just no point in hiding it anymore. Plus, it's sure nice to have someone at work in on the secret!

Second: Aardvark graduated from an embryo to a fetus, which is only a slightly less creepy word. Also, we call the baby “Aardvark”. We'll save that story for later.


Baby is the size of a: kidney bean

How I'm feeling: Exhausted. And my boobs hurt. (Sorry Dad) Hungry all the time. And I have a little trouble sleeping – just can't get comfortable or wake up 3 times a night. But now I'm going to quit complaining because I have not had any morning sickness. Knock on wood.

How much weight have I gained: 3 pounds. I'm actually shocked I've only gained 3. I'm eating like it's going out of style. Like, one night I had 3 dinners, all on the couch. I just stacked my dinner plates, one on top of the other, on our end table. It was classy. Usually just thinking about food after dinner makes me gain a pound. Also, there was no working out this week – we tried to go running one day and it was so hot, we both quit.

Cravings: Um, not fruit....I'm working on that, or this baby is going to be made of cheetos and fried chicken.

How Russell's doing: Swimmingly, as usual! In week 7, he got to tell one of his coworkers, so he was happy about that.

How the nursery is coming along: Well, I emailed the contractor and told him our situation. He hasn't emailed back yet. Not sure if that's a good sign.....

Lies I've had to tell / tasks I've had to avoid since we haven't told anyone we're pregnant yet:
“I have a school meeting / prior engagement / have to wash my hair” - to anyone who has scheduled anything after 4:30 in the afternoon. Sorry Home Tour Committee meetings!!
“I can't play laserquest with the kids because, um, my knee hurts....” - And because I'm afraid lasers would give Aardvark 3 legs.

Best part of being pregnant this week: Unlimited M&Ms.

Worst part of being pregnant this week: I don't have any pants that are comfortable anymore. I bought a “Belly Band” and, um, awkward. I mean, it looks fine, but in my mind I'm all, “DUDE, MY PANTS ARE UNBUTTONED”. I see why pregnant women in the 80's wore caftans 24/7: they look super comfy. Plus, who really strives to be fashionable during pregnancy?? I don't understand those women. Oh wait, I'm not fashionable when I'm not pregnant.

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