Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day!

Well, we are literally (yes, literally) in a state of emergency here, folks. Yes, it's snowed a whopping 3 inches. My northern relatives are pointing and laughing.

Here's our house in the "blizzard"!

Snow day means one thing around here: get a project done! So, today's project: repaint the bathroom door. Here's the before:

The blue in the panels of the door is the former color of the bathroom. And actually, it kind of matches what we've got going on now, so we just left it. But, the time has come for the blue to go.

Also, the door is not in perfect shape---I'm not sure if there used to be some kind of fixture here- maybe a lock? But it looks like there was some damage which has just been painted over. So I think I'm going to strip some of the paint before I repaint it all a nice semi-gloss white :)

Also, I have no idea how to get the rust off of the doorknob. Google, anyone?

"After" pictures posted later!


One of the great things about an old house is that no project is basic. Like painting this door. When I took the hardware off, I noticed that there was a rectangle behind the backplate that was much smaller then the actual plate. After looking around the house, I'm sure that its not the original hardware. The original is much smaller, less "brassy", and frankly, much prettier :) I did try to scrub the rust off this plate, but it didn't do much good. And after realizing it wasn't original, I have to admit, I wasn't as interested in making it pretty.

So, goodbye blue! I'm glad to see ya go :) And just my luck, they called off school for tomorrow really early (like, by 5 pm today), so I can start another project: stripping paint off a door frame. Here's the before:

(yes, these were both taken before we removed the makeshift closet)

And the "during"

(not the greatest picture---our upstairs hall doesn't get much light)

I know, I know: we've been down this road before. I started stripping the front door only to quit and repaint the whole thing white. But this is different! The interior of the door is this beautiful, dark, untouched, 100 year wood. And the outside is yellow paint. Ew. So, my options were either paint the whole thing (beautiful wood included) white, or strip it. And I couldn't bring myself to paint it white. It's too pretty. So, I'm trying this strippin' business again (Man, if I had a nickel for every time I've said that.... just kidding mom).

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  1. I just want to say that your house is gorgeous! I so wanted an old house like this but Dan was very much against it. :(