Sunday, January 2, 2011

Latest projects

So, I know you guys are busy. That's why I don't inundate you with posts. I like to keep it more of a "once every 3 months" blog. I mean, that's what blogging is about anyhow, right?

So, we have, in fact, finished some projects! Turns out, the way to get stuff done is to invite people over. Then, you're so embarrassed by your half done tile job and "power tool" guest room decor, you rush to finish so your friends don't judge you. Well, as much as they would have before.

First finished project: Master Bedroom Tile. The first two pictures are "after" and the third is "before". Getting these in the right order requires some knowledge of what the kids call "code". Not my bag, baby.

What I learned from this project:
1. Tiling is easy. Really, if you can read directions, and you have the right tools, it's totally easy. Also, it's a little fun. Very messy, but a little fun.
2. Once you start a project, bite the bullet and finish it. That day, if possible. This fireplace sat, half done, for about 2 months. That kind of thing drives me nuts and eats away at my sanity, little by little, every day. Next time: done in a day. Or two.

2. The porch. When we moved in, the front porch had a big ole hole in it, courtesy of our very sweet neighbor, Ben. :) I guess he accidentally put his foot through an already existing (albeit, smaller) hole, while helping the former owner move out. So, our very first project was repairing this hole. Here's the finished project:

Well, not exactly finished. We painted the porch blue afterwards.
What I learned from this project:
1. Get the right materials. Being "newbies", we just hopped off to the local Home Depot and got some pressure treated lumber to replace the existing tongue and groove. Not only is this historically inaccurate, it just plain doesn't match. In our ignorance, we used it anyways. I figure, when we embark on the porch make over (to remedy the "death porch" situation on the side of the house--- more on that later), we'll fix this.
2. If you start your home renovations by working outside, all your neighbors think you are handy. :) What they don't know is we're saying things like, "Which side of the hammer do you reckon I should use?".

Project number 3: the former guest room closet.

So, at some point in our houses life, it has been apartments. To do that, some doorways were closed off, including the door to our current guest room. While moving in, we knocked this make shift wall out, in order to get our bed upstairs. But what that left was an ugly, half demolished, faux closet. So, over Christmas Break, I completed that demo. It was kind of hard. There was a lot of hammering, a lot of plaster dust, and some cursing. But I got it done!

Here's before:

Ooh, isn't it bad?? Also, imagine that that door frame is full of dry wall. And make shift shelves. Blech. Shudder.


Oooh....aaaah. Oh, and what's that sweet ass exposed brick, you ask? Why, that's the side of the fireplace that was once hidden behind a layer of nasty plaster and wallpaper. Granted, I also exposed some electrical, which will need to be covered in drywall. But, isn't that brick awesome?

Okay, this post is LONG. But, last but not least, I have to share what I found in the closet this weekend. Are you ready for this?? Drumroll please.....


Yes, that's right. A door. A secret, hidden, pirate treasure holding door. And that's where the really awesome stuff ends, because where does this door lead? Well, to the exterior of the house. The 2nd story exterior. Otherwise known as, certain death. :) Russell guessed (and I think he's right) that it was originally one of those ugly steel exterior staircases that houses that are divided into apartments have attached to their facade. So, not as exciting as we first thought. I actually dreamt last night that it was a door to a room full of old dishes and '82 World's Fair paraphanalia. AKA, my dream room. But, no such luck.

Here's a picture, mostly of my closet, but you can see the door behind it if you look closely :)

See ya in...March! :)

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