Monday, August 2, 2010

My little money pit

Our laundry room ceiling has always (well, since we've moved in), had a water stain on it. Obviously there was repair done at some point,because it's a small drywall patch. But over time, it's become water stained. This is not good. We assume it's from the toilet in our only bathroom (There is a 2nd toilet, but it's on Damien's side)

So, we called in a plumber from "Hep" and found out that instead of a minor plumbing fix on the toilet, we're in for a bit of a renovation. He suspects this leak, whether existing or previous, damaged the subfloor beneath the toilet, 'causing the tile around it to crack. This means we'll have to replace the subfloor and the tile. Worst case scenario is the floor joist underneath has been compromised and we'll have to replace that too. Let's hope not, eh? :) His actual words to me: "If you put someone fat on there, they'd fall right through the floor!". Grrrreeat...

Which, brings me to my Christmas list this year:
1. Money
2. Money orders
3. Visa giftcards
4. Cash
5. Checks
6. Foreign currency to be exchanged
7. Winning lottery tickets
8. Credit cards in my name, billing address: yours.

I'll update when we hear the verdict tomorrow!

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