Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer happenins

Hello world! Hope you're having a fun summer :) Ours is....over. Russell's been back at work for 3 weeks now, I go back next week. Nothing lasts forever, I suppose. I'm actually looking forward to fall- the weather, food, and events, not work of course.

Here's what we've been up to lately!

Mom, Dad, and I traveled "up north"- first to attend my great Uncle John's memorial service and then to see my cousin Allan get married. This picture is mom and I with my Aunt Peggy and her 4 girls (my cousins)- all sporting our "Funkberry" temporary tattoos (Allan married a girl whose last name is Funk). We had a great time!

For my 32nd birthday, Russell built me this beautiful console table! Yes, you read that right: he BUILT it! I think he did an awesome job- Bijou agrees.
Here's the big project of the summer: the side porch. This is the day we looked at it, 2 years ago. It's hard to see, but the floor and railings were totally rotten. We referred to this porch as "Death Porch"

This is during the 2011 renovation when we relocated the door (or rather re-relocated it, as we moved it to its original position). You can see all the jagged edges of the floor boards here.

And, this is now! New floor, new brick foundation, new railings. The peeling paint along the roofline was scraped and repainted.

Up close of the new floor

And here's what's left to do: the door. First, remove the scary burglar bars, which is harder than it would seem! Those damn bars are bolted on there. 

Second, paint the door. Once upon a time, someone thought burgundy would be a great accent color. I HATE it. Not sure what color the door will be, maybe just white, but the burgundy has got to go.

Lastly, this door needs new hardware! :) Ah, the list goes on and on.

Hope your summer has been fun!

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