Thursday, March 17, 2011

The grass is always greener

in the neighbors yard. Seriously. We live on a great block where nearly everyone's yard is pretty. But there's always that one house, right? Who's got two thumbs and a nasty, nasty yard? (You can't see, but I'm pointing at myself with my thumbs)

So, the yard needs some help and even though we're on Operation Don't-Go-Into-Debt-Remodeling-The-House-This-Summer, we budgeted a little cash for a yard makeover. Russell's taken charge of this one, as I'm known in most circles as Becca "Plant Killer" McCurdy.

Here is our current lawn. Hopefully later this week, there'll be some stunning "after" pictures!

And here's my part of the project: the puppy pen. This thing was built by a former owner (not the ones we bought the house from, but before them). It's just a 12X12 part of our lawn that is fenced in. Weird.... So, we're ripping it down (the easy part) and then using the scrap to rebuild a fence between us and our neighbors, North Knoxville Church of God. It's nothing personal against them, it's against their ugly parking lot :) I'd like to look out my future kitchen window and see some flowers, maybe a tree. Not a parking lot. Ew.

Ok, wish us luck! We have no clue what we're doing! :)

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